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Its all about Smooth Jazz with a twist of R&B and the love of Music. Sharing good music and times with friends that love music too. Thanks for joining us here at the Jazz Oasis on the beautiful coast of Maine. Watch for our streaming radio shows full of smooth jazz for you to enjoy.


David McLorren

Through the unique intermixing of musical styles, multi instrumentalist,

David McLorren delivers this "Hot New single" Deeper than the ocean. This track introduces a deepen self-awareness, not just the artist but the listener. Hard hitting drum groove, underlying bass and rich melodic notes captivate the listener to search deeper than the ocean. His fifth album is filled with a balance of emotions from the good, the bad, the joys and the pains. Life Happens, which is dedicated to the memory of his father, Gilbert McLorren clearly displays not only a growth in his musical ability but offers a richer, deeper look into his genre. David McLorren chose a smoother, jazzier route with this CD which he credits largely to the amazing team of artists that he collaborated with. These artists were trusted friends that he previously performed with and musicians with whom he felt the timing was just right. For example, Joyce Spencer takes her observation of the world and infuses it into her playing of both the sax and the flute. Guitarist, Gary Fuston creates a one of a kind sound with a mellow vibe. Fueling the collaboration is Sam Hankins on trumpet and Rod Williams throwing down on the sax. His vibe is smooth, soothing, enjoyable; and offers listeners the ability to get involved and let the music take them where their minds want to go. David grew up in the Caribbean with British heritage. New York is my hometown; my stomping ground. The combination of all of this makes my musical style unique, offering an intermixing of Reggae, R&B, Jazz, Latin and funk; blended together to create my sound. Selective about the shows that he performs, the Dallas resident, puts on a real shows not make shift performances. McLorren also doubles as a photographer. "Everybody has a camera" he says, but are not necessarily photographers. Lots of people can play an instrument that doesnt make them an artists. Just like making beats doest necessarily make you a producer, there are lots of mechanics involved. David feels that music is really about expressing oneself and keeping the art alive. He says that he would love to see music brought back into schools where programs have been discontinued due to budget cuts. Music helps students do better in other subjects as well, he says. David has an appreciation for organizations that are fighting for the artists rights. There are people trying to make money off of music without loyalty to the music creators, he points out. David acknowledges and appreciates Melody Warren for her support of the local artist and includes The Jazz In M.E.E. Magazine as one of those organizations that are fighting to help the artists. Special Thank you and Shout Out to all the Radio stations and media outlets that play his music, for which he is ever grateful, and especially to the fan without whom it would just be a recording. New and exciting announcements coming soon, but youll have to stay tuned and connect with him to gain access to the details For more information available about David McLorren at:

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